Render to Reality | Knapp Street Kitchen

Buckle up Times Two Design Co. blog followers, this render to reality is a big gorgeous one! Sometimes when we live in a home so long and work a certain way it is hard to unsee what you have. What possibilities can be done, especially if there are walls in the way. Introducing the Knapp Street kitchen project!

While these fun clients may not have kids at home anymore, that did not change their wants and needs to have a large kitchen to be able to host their holiday gatherings while opening the space more. The need for more storage, more function, and great aesthetics while letting in as much light was high on the wish list.

The existing floor plan had lots of walls separating each space, dark hallways with not a lot of natural light, and overall didn’t match their style. One of the bigger questions was what to do with the large front room and it’s bay window which acted as a second living room as they have another larger family room that serves all their families needs?! How could they open up a kitchen and gain an island? How can they get more storage? How do you layout the kitchen to keep it near the existing dining room and slider doors that lead to the best backyard? Keeping the entry half bath, how do you work around that corner and what goes there? All while adding new floor to carry thought most other spaces along with updating finishes made for a overwhelming headspace!

Before photos:

The Existing Floor Plan:

The design options revealed: When we say this part of the process is collaborative we mean it! We presented the two best designed layouts that not only checked as many of the wish list boxes, but it included conversation of what the clients wanted to blend or change. With layouts that are so different, this was fun. Let’s break down each design!

V2-1: While this layout checked off all of there wish list items, one of the biggest thing about this layout is that it keeps some of the walls to help support the new openings, which created a semi-open concept. This kept the kitchen in the same approximate location but just reworked it to give a better layout. While the kitchen did grow a little in size pushing the cabinetry for the oven back allowed for the island they thought they wanted. This layout turned the front unused room with the bay window into a large walk in pantry, office/dog room, and coffee bar. The cons to this layout were the light carrying from the front of the home was still blocked, and the island location created two busy main isles into the home.

V4-1: This layout is one the clients didn’t think they wanted! This layout created a large, open and flowing kitchen to the dining room and open flex space (yes we have empty space and a lot of it!) This layout gave the best working triangle, brought light into the space, created open space for holiday party tables, and includes their coffee station amongst many other design elements. The bay window was replaced by three windows to get the best view out to the front yard.

The layouts are VASTLY different and also hit a different price point. Giving our clients all the visuals and some time to mull over the options allowed them to make the best choice for their home! If you guessed V4-1 as the winner that these homeowners went with, you are right!

The progress: As they say, things get worse before they get better means relocating your temporary kitchen, lots of dust, hammering, nailing, and noise. We promise it is all worth it! Pro tip: Plan your kitchen remodel in the summer or warmer months when cooking outside is no big deal!

All. The. Details.

  • Custom inset door cabinetry made by Ascent Cabinetry. The attention to the detail is outstanding! Our design included a blind corner because you don’t do a kitchen this amazing and waste space! Custom cabinet door heights for the full height wall cabinets that come down and sit on the countertops give the clients a coffee station and separate spot for mixers and other large appliances. With doors that retract and nest back into the cabinets to give all the elbow space needed to make the perfect cup of Joe!

  • You might of noticed the big old beam, but if not that is because we created the opening to be finished drywall to feel like a sense of separation. Ok, the real reason is it such a big span we had to have a drop beam, so we made it look good!

  • We replaced the bay window with 3 new windows above the countertops, which meant we were able to create a long counter space with even amounts of drawer cabinets below – the balance is everything here!

  • Let’s talk about the cutest pantry ever! The pantry decorative doors were found when the clients took a trip to northern Michigan, and yes that is the original hardware. When they found them they were green, however we think they made the right choice to paint them to match the other doors pulling the design together! The decorative light was a great find too when someone cleaned out their attic and tossed it in the garbage trailer. Yes, the clients went dumpster digging but we would too if that was the reward!

  • The hidden cabinet over the range not only houses the ventilation for the exhaust but gives a great location for extra large platters and appliances. Being a touch latch door it eliminated the hardware creating hidden storage.

  • Designing not one but TWO spice drawers for all the spicy needs found on either side of the range gives you immediate access while cooking.

  • The client knew from day one she wanted soapstone countertops and we are so happy she went with it! It’s the topping on the cake . . . we mean cabinets!

  • The tone-on-tone tile and grout which blends well with the cabinet color, which also is the same as the wall color gives this kitchen a sense of classic charm and cozy calmness. We are here for it!

  • Big wide (over 42″ wide) walkways . . . there will be no booty bumping in this kitchen!

  • We planned empty space, as in a 10′ x 10′ empty space. Yes, you heard that right, this empty space can house chairs for sipping coffee or be used for flex space when entertaining. Such a fun space to design!

  • The home owners found and restored a old door chime and placed it on the wall that opens to the kitchen. It’s just the cutest detail and we wish we could capture the cute sound it made.

  • Different metals – polished chrome, antique gold, oil rubbed bronze . . . you name it and you can find it in this kitchen. This creates a visual interest in each area you look!

  • Kohler undermount stainless sink – all the features from a strainer basket, drying rack, sliding and or different mounting heights – and she’s a big sink too!

  • The list goes on, but we will stop there.

Is the suspense killing you yet? Enjoy these STUNNING AFTER photos!

We don’t say which kitchens are our favorite but if we did this kitchen would take the cake for interior designer Kendra. Showing the clients something they never expected, talking them through all the pros, cons, and considerations was a pure joy! Hearing how much they love their home now after their project is completed left us on cloud 9!

A huge shout out to the custom cabinet company: Ascent Cabinetry and the phenomenal work by the great builder/contractor, Justin Walz. Check out the full photo album here.

Thank you to our amazing clients for choosing us gals at Times Two Design Company!