Render to Reality | 20 Mile Home Remodel

Get ready for a great render to reality! This was nothing short of a fun project, a full remodel of their main level of the home and the need for a well thought-out, encompassing design plan for the kitchen, dining, garage entry, 3 bedrooms, guest bath, master suite: bedroom, bathroom, closet and laundry and living room. A fun fact about this project is that the home owners built this home many years ago and while they loved the layout, they wanted to give their spaces a facelift (with minor construction) in certain areas and bring their forever home into the times. The clients wish list included: planning for aging in place, rooms for grandkids, creating an office without devoting a whole space to it, adding a pantry, just to name a few.

Sometimes it is hard to see past what you have especially if you have lived in that space for a long time. Visual support was a must as the clients knew they would be able to make decisions once they saw the design. Our chats included anything and everything and we listened to what worked and what didn’t work in their home. The clients had been thinking about this remodel project for a long time and had the list of wants and wishes ready to go!

The existing spaces looked like this… lots of golden oak, bold colors and standard builder grade finishes. The personality lacking aesthetics along with a kitchen that had a bunch of wasted space, large hood that was often times a spot to hit your head on, and missing adequate space for barstools needed some love. A living room wall that allowed too much sound for the desired peace and quiet master bedroom, and missing a landing spot for when you come in from the garage were noted as areas to make changes to. The laundry room was in the basement and as empty nesters, the dream of having a main level laundry to help age in place was ideal to work into the design.

The fun before photos!

We were excited to bring to the client’s a “game changing” design (or two) that they could see, fly through and connect with. Fast forward to the design reveal, where their eyes widened with excitement! In a whole home remodel, it can be a lot to take in, however taking a minute to stop and absorb the design is a good thing. While we were not moving many walls, it was still a lot to think about. The new design gave them the best flow, checked off many items from the wants and needs list and was something they could get excited about!

What changed:

· Relocated the entry into the master bedroom to create a pantry space

· Reworked the master bedroom tub, shower, and vanity

· Reworked the master closet to add the laundry to the main level

· Added a garage entry lockers for storage and a landing space

· Reworked living room space, giving an anchored focal point with adding a fireplace and storage

· Full kitchen remodel that utilized storage and added function and conversation

· Light remodel to the dining room, main entry, and two bedrooms

· Reworked guest bathroom

· Future project (designed at the same time to complete the look): Enclosed the existing porch and create a 3-season porch

In looking at the floor plan, the biggest change came in the kitchen. Creating an island space to create flow and space to sit at, while taking the oven to the exterior wall in front of a window, gave the best function. The distance between the sink and oven now accommodates two people cooking at the same time. Creating enough isle space between the fridge and island made it easy for the clients to the ease and logic for bringing in groceries and scooting by someone at the same time with ease. A pantry closet was created by taking space out of the entry to the master bedroom and relocating that door to a new location.

In our design process there are more than one options that were presented for some spaces, the kitchen was one of those areas with multiple designs.

Option 1: We discussed minimizing the kitchen in one option and setting a portion of the kitchen storage into the hallway isle, seen in option 1. The compromise came in a stretched work triangle with a hallway separating the kitchen space and in less storage.

Option 2 checked off their entire wish list for their dream kitchen. We are so happy they went with option 2!



The other larger change was in the master suite, where we brought the sunken in tub up to floor level and enlarged the small corner shower. We also reworked the vanity layout to give more counter space. The master closet goal was to bring the laundry up from the basement and create a laundry room ideal for aging in place. By simply expanding the closet, eating up some unused garage space we were able to achieve this!

In the living room, we reworked the TV wall to include a fireplace into the design with simple storage and display. Keeping the open concept was important as it works for their needs and functions perfect. A hidden feature that was needed and planned for but not seen, is the added insulation to help create a sound barrier. Since the TV wall is the shared wall to the master bedroom, many times the owners could hear noise through the wall when trying to sleep! Sometimes it’s the things we don’t see that make for great design!

The two guest bedrooms had a minor facelift (paint, carpet, and light fixtures) but one area that was worked into the bedroom was the clients need for a small office. It did not need its own space, however they wanted it to be large enough to sit down and use a computer, a little work space, file storage and other miscellaneous storage. Working with Closet Concepts, they were able to create the “office” they needed in the spare bedroom when their grand babes aren’t using the space.

A selections shopping trips are where you see it all come together! When refinishing an entire level of your home, it can be a lot of decisions, options and details, which is why this client had us help with that part of the process. Seeing it all come together, making sure we did not forget the smallest of details, made our shopping day a huge success and way less stressful for the clients, while feeling confident about decisions and maximizing everyone’s time.

Learning our clients is a part of the process that we truly enjoy. We knew the clients project inside and out, we knew where to take the risk and select a bold statement piece, color or design feature. Thus, the dining room table light, fireplace wall color and guest bathroom tiles were some of those bold pieces that also fit into the cohesive design of the home.

The BEST part . . . seeing it go from renderings to reality with a finished space. The power of visuals helps the process in so many ways. Both the clients and builder are on the same page from day one, changes can quickly be made if needed knowing the full design, and if needed, revisions can help show options. We are excited to present the finished product in this render to reality.

Living Room | Render to Reality

Kitchen + dining | Render to Reality

Master + ensuite | Render to Reality

Guest bath, lockers and more!

The best part of our job is building everlasting relationship with our clients. To provide a service that made their project run smoothly, provide knowledge and support and help solve their every day issues. We feel blessed that this client chose us gals at Times Two Design Company to for their project. It was a JOY to be part of this project and see it completed. We wish these amazing clients a lifetime of continued happiness in their forever home! Check out the full Render to Reality images here.

Builder credit: Muston Construction.